The Serendipity Cloud

Aiming at inspiring communication and creative manifestation in an informal, organic manner within the context of a creative incubators, The Serendipity Cloud was a research project that, through different stages, attempted to provoke and stimulate creative manifestations, collaborations, communications and serendipitous discoveries within the context of a creative industry and incubator.

The Serendipity Cloud took the form as a site-specific installation at UPTEC's Creative Industries Center (PINC) in which we appropriated the physical space for an analogue and interactive installation with the objective to enable the participants to represent themselves within the space, have their voices heard and to manifest their creativity into the context they inhabit. It was an ephemeral project and experiment consisting of various phases:

In the first phase, white paper cards were hung from the ceiling, in a common area (next to the coffee machine and the toilets), without further explanation. This was done to verify whether people interacted with the installation in any way. In this first phase, while many people interviewed after declared a desire to intervene, none did.

Photo by Abhishek Chatterjee

In the second phase, a single pen was hung with the rest of the papers. This led almost immediately to interventions by the people who passed by it, including a re-arrangement of the papers themselves. To this point, most of the interventions consist mostly of manifestations of aesthetic value, such as drawings and the re-organising of the piece, while some consist of messages regarding their needs.

With The Serendipity Cloud we were to observe that there was a manifested desire for the inhabitants of a creative space to manifest themselves creativity and towards the space they inhabit. It is indicative that, if the space itself doesn’t allow for, or suggests that creative interventions are permitted (if not encouraged) they don’t happen, which is adverse to the creative context that is desired in a creative incubator.

Video by Olga Glumac