Antifluffy GO!

With Antifluffy GO!, we created a game that combined unexpectedness, chance and randomness, we created the conditions for creativity and imagination. This was done by asking participants, individually, to write in playing cards three nouns, three verbs, three adjectives, and finally, three wild cards (whatever they wanted). We then divided the participants into teams and each team were given three random cards from those created.

Turn-by-turn, each team played a card of their choosing. At any point, anyone from any team could yell out “Antifluffy”. When this happened, the teams would have to transform what was played into something – an Antifluffy – that combined the ideas written in the cards.

IMG_0934 2.JPG

Below you can see the antifluffies that resulted from the sequences that were created/played:

In just three hours, participants were able to create innovative stories and ideas from the combination of seemingly random concepts and materials. In the words of one Antifluffy GO! participant: 

Sometimes, the best inventions are the result of five minutes of pure insanity. 

— Inês Oliveira.