Hello, I'm Ricardo Melo.

I'm an interaction and communication designer, researcher, and teacher based in Porto, Portugal.

Selected Research Projects


On Serendipity in the Digital Medium: Towards a Framework for Valuable Unpredictability in Interaction Design

In 2018 I completed my PhD, supervised by professor Miguel Carvalhais and funded by FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia. My thesis On Serendipity in the Digital Medium: Towards a Framework for Valuable Unpredictability in Interaction Design is available online at the repository of the University of Porto.

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The Serendipity Cloud

Considering serendipity as the discovery of something while looking for something else, it is through unexpected encounters with unknown information, inserted into the banality of the quotidian that we are able to trigger the most surprising discoveries or pieces of insight. The Serendipity Cloud explores personal representation within common paths, meeting places and in-between spaces, while attempting at creating serendipitous events through the creative expression of these spaces’ inhabitants.


Antifluffy GO!

Antifluffy GO!, created in collaboration with Pedro Cardoso, is a card-game/workshop/creative exercise developed for the 2016 edition of FuturePlaces Festival. It aimed to subvert the game and cultural phenomenon of Pokémon GO, transforming what is a passive, virtual activity (drifting through a space, paying attention at nothing and capturing creatures that have nothing to do with the real context), into an active, reactive, creative and transformative activity, where the physical, tangible context feedbacks to the observer.

Selected Design Projects

Porto: City Identity
and Branding Proposal

In 2014 I had the pleasure to collaborate with a multidisciplinar team led by Atelier Martinio&Jaña in order to develop a proposal for the branding and identity of Porto, specifically on the mobile and web component. While the proposal was unsuccessful, we were very proud with what we could in such a short ammount of time.

Find out more about the proposal on Non-Verbal Club's Behance page.


In 2015 I designed the website and forum book for UD15 - 4th PhD in Design Research Forum, and collaborated in the development of  its identity.
As the Forum was aimed at works-in-progress in doctoral research, we developed a design identity around the concepts of under-development. As such, the core of the identity was ever-chaning, the result of combinations of drawings, illustrations, sketches, and scratches made by the community. This aesthetic was reflect on all the materials developed for the Forum, from the website to the proceedings, and all in between.

Visit UD15's website.


One of my first projects as a designer, back in 2008, was to redesign,  in collaboration with Ana Candeias, João Cruz, and Miguel Carvalhais, the Italian magazine Neural, edited by Alessandro Ludovico.
After 10 years, this remains as one of the most fun projects I had the pleasure to work in, as well as a great first real-world design experience.

Visit the Neural's website page for issue 30.

Selected Writing


The Case Against ColorADD

Why the color identification system may harm the efforts in designing for the color blind.